About Meervrijheid

The goal of Meervrijheid.nl (in English: Morefreedom) is to increase personal and economic liberty in The Netherlands and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (Flanders). To reach this goal, the role of government must be significantly reduced. Morefreedom is not dogmatic. We believe that practical results are more important than good intentions. Morefreedom is not left or right wing. We support "left" freedoms (e.g. free speech, euthanasia, drug legalization, privacy, isolationism) as well as "right" freedoms (e.g. low taxes, free enterprise). Our position is that liberty can and must be defended on moral as well as on practical grounds.

Morefreedom aims to stimulate discussion on freedom and unfreedom. We inform people about the moral and practical arguments for freedom. And we bring people, groups and organizations in touch with one another. By doing that we hope to help create public support for political change in the direction of freedom.

The site
Our website aims to inform people about news, background, reviews and opinions on freedom and unfreedom in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. We try to make all texts readily understandable and easy and pleasant to read. Morefreedom does not believe in one-way communication. That's why we offer interactivity so visitors can post their comments as well. We like to provoke the reader with unconventional and critical ideas and humor.

Morefreedom believes that there is a strong correlation between economic, personal and political liberty on one hand and prosperity and peace on the other.
Politically incorrect
Morefreedom is politically incorrect. We view political correctness as a method of thinking whereby the ideal is put above reality. Some things are simply not allowed to be true, because they don't conform to previously declared ideals. Wherever Morefreedom has to choose between the unpleasant truth and a pleasant lie, we are firmly on the side of truth. We don't believe we are infallible, but we believe the search for truth provides the best results. Although Morefreedom is politically incorrect, it is not our aim to insult people, only to provoke.

Liberty, prosperity and peace
Morefreedom believes that the success of the West is closely linked to respect for liberty. There is a strong correlation between economic, personal and political liberty on one hand and prosperity and peace on the other. For example, problems in health care and education are caused by a lack of freedom of choice. Terrorism is often related to foreign interference and disrespect for local autonomy. Poverty in Africa is mainly caused by a lack of political, economic and personal liberty. Morefreedom aims to demonstrate this relationship and convince its visitors that mutual respect for each other's freedom is good for everyone.

Frank Karsten
Founder of the MoreFreedom Foundation
Dangers to freedom
Morefreedom feels that freedom is increasingly in danger in the Western world. Taxes and regulation are increasing and government power is becoming increasingly centralized. The influence of the average citizen over his own life is decreasing. Governments increasingly control what people are allowed to say and write, how they should be insured, what professions are open to them, which drugs they can use, to whom they may rent their houses, etc. Usually with the best of intentions, but the worst of results.

Since 7 March 2003, Morefreedom is a foundation with the name Meervrijheid.nl. The number of visitors to our website is steadily growing by 20% per month. We are now organizing meetings. More and more visitors are getting involved, by sending us news and articles about freedom and unfreedom. If people continue to learn and think about these issues, the prospects for a renaissance of liberty are quite good. Morefreedom intents to play an important role in that process.

Stichting MeerVrijheid